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Brick & Mortar 2.0 - Digital Transformation

Brick & Mortar 2.0 Transform Your Business with Digital Technologies

Dynamic Digital Signage can transform any existing Brick & Mortar Store, Restaurant, Product Show Room, Real Estate Show Home, Hotel, Corporate Lobby or Senior Care Home into a modern, exciting, interactive hub of information and communication. See comparison of current 1.0 vs what can be 2.0 for Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Car Showrooms, Senior Care Home, Real Estate Show Homes, Hotel & Corporate Lobby.

Brick & Mortar 2.0 Go Digital -> 'Retail Store' 'Car Show Room' 'Senior Care Home' 'Show Home' 'Hotel & Corporate Lobby'


Retail Store 1.0 - Same Old Store

  • Little change in retail, hardware, grocery stores over last 10-15 years.
  • Hard to update and wasteful Printed Posters are still common.
  • Printed Labels are still the norm.
  • Non-existent use of interactive screens.
  • Lack of Smart Phone integration.

All Digital Store 2.0 - Efficient, Interactive, Informative, Accurate

  • Digital Posters - Vibrant, Dynamic, Eye-Catching, Real-Time Updates, Time oF Day Marketing.
  • Interactive Kiosks - Engage & communicate, product information, Specials.
  • Electronic Shelf Labels - Price Accuracy, Price Agility, Time Savings, Wireless Updates, Great ROI.
  • NFC with Smart Phones - Electronic Label integration with Smart Phones, Target product promotion to shopper. [TOP]

Car Show Room 1.0 - Lack of Energy, No Interactivity

  • Printed Posters - Limited visual appeal.
  • Non-existent use of interactive screens.
  • Potential sales lost during busy times.

Digital Car Show Room 2.0 - Interactive & Informative with a Wow Factor

  • Digital Posters - Vibrant, Dynamic, Modern.
  • Interactive Kiosks - Product Information, customization, option selection on the spot, collect visitor data & feedback.
  • Video Walls - Eye-catching way to highlight productl, large size up to 10x10 screen layout.
  • High Brightness Display - Shop front marketing, day & night. [TOP]

Senior Care Home 1.0 - Limited Feedback, Communication Challenges

  • No easy way to mass communicate to all residents and staff.
  • Hard to gather feedback from residents on service and food quality.
  • Potential waste on food.

Digital Senior Care Home 2.0 - Interactive, Mass Communication, Service Feedback

  • Interactive Kiosks - Communicate, Collect Feedback on Services, Food Selection to improve quality and reduce waste.
  • Digital Posters - Mass communication to residents and staff on Events, Policies, Health Warnings.
  • Cloud Update - Update Policy or Health Communication from central location for accuracy and time savings.
  • Digital Wayfinder - Visitor Information Kiosk and Directional Signage. [TOP]

Realtor Show Home 1.0 - Physical Models, Printed Brochures, Static Pictures

  • Physical model of subdivision and printed layouts.
  • Need Sales Agent to be present and speak individually to prospective buyers.
  • Need physical materials like carpet, counter tops to communicate home material options to clients.

Digital Realtor Show Home 2.0 - Interactive, Visually Vibrant, Effective Communication

  • Interactive Kiosks - Lot and home layouts, material selection, Inventory Information.
  • Digital Assistant - Collect visitor information, send digital brochures.
  • Digital Posters - Display dynamic images and videos, make a lasting impression on prospects.
  • Cloud Update - Update information from central location. [TOP]

Hotel & Corporate Lobby 1.0 - Conceirge on duty, Printed Map, Attraction Brochures, Static directory

  • Conceirge on duty to provide directions and answer questions.
  • Old style directory with bare minimum information.
  • Board to show meetings or Events.

Digital Hotel & Corporate Lobby 2.0 - Digital Conceirge, Interactive Mapping and Directory, Digital Reader Boards

  • Interactive Digital Assistant - Interactive Wayfinding, Event Information, Attraction Information.
  • Interactive Kiosks - Digital Directory.
  • Digital Posters - Real time updates, communication with guests.
  • Video Walls - Can't miss stunning display, from 2x2 to very large format of up to 10x10 screens.
  • Digital Reader Boards - Company Information, Restaurant Menus.
  • Cloud Update - Central Management of multiple displays. [TOP]
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