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Dynamic Digital Signage Checklist

digital signage checklist , players software signage connectivity mounts

Once you have decided to deploy digital signs, here is a quick reference for Dynamic Signage Project Management, Digital Signage Components and Steps to successful outcomes.

Dynamic Signage Project Stages :-

  • Absolute must, regardless of the size of the network.
  • Lack of planning -> Guarantee of failure.
  • Buy in from management and various departments.
  • Define objectives.
  • Outline a trial plan with targets, milestones, desired outcomes and measurements to justify investment vs. objectives.
  • Resources -> internal and external.
  • Internal and external resource time.
  • Hardware and Software.
  • Purchase vs. Rental, Upfront vs. Monthly.
  • Capital and on-going operational costs for content and maintenance.
  • Cost savings from current processes such as print costs, time saving for updates, shipping & handling of print signage.
  • Inter-departmental funding.
  • Third Party advertisement revenue potential from current vendors or new sources.
  • Trial deployment of hardware and software at few representative locations.
  • Validate software and hardware functionality.
  • Review any shortcomings and prepare plan of action.
  • Roll out after successful trial.
  • In-house re-use of existing website, print and TV advertisement content.
  • Dynamic Signage content has to deliver the message in short, effective images and motion animation to capture attention.
  • Internal Content Creation -> most likely existing team.
  • Outside Content Team -> bring in specialist as needed for images and promotional motion movies.
  • Media feeds -> TV or third-party licensed feeds for news, sports or specialized content.
  • Key to achieving the Return on Objectives (ROO).
  • Funding must be in place -> internal, inter-departmental or advertisement revenue.
  • Maintenance of displays, media players and connectivity network.
  • Content update and scheduling.
  • Advertisement partners.
  • Turned off screens, poor quality or out-of-date content effectively kills the investment.

Digital Sign Components :-

arrowDigital Screens
  • Commercial Displays vs Consumer TVs -> factors :length of time screens are on, brightness, convenience of built-in player, ease of cleaning and apperance
  • Screen size and layout -> factors : distance to viewer, space, landscape vs. portrait.
  • Screen Type -> wall mount or floor standing.
arrowMedia Players
  • External Signage Player, standard Computer or DVD Player.
  • Built-in -> Convenience of all in-one but limited features.
  • Computer or DVD player -> Consider size, space and functionality.
  • Purpose built external player -> Wired, WiFi or 4G.
  • Local management or On-line control via Internet.
  • Operating System -> MS Windows vs. Linux.
  • Screen management features -> split screens, media control, external feeds, TV input.
  • Local management or centralized management over the Internet.
  • On-line storage.
  • Software License Fees -> one time up-front, monthly Software As A Service (SaaS) model.
  • Technical Support.
arrowMounting and Installation
  • Floor standing, Wall mount, Ceiling mount.
  • Customized mounting hardware.
  • Structural requirements or permits.
arrowInformation Technology Infrastructure
  • Software hosted internally or on external servers.
  • Media players and connectivity network.
  • Wired, Wi Fi or 4G wirless network connectivity.
  • Local media player management or on-line control via Internet Cloud.
  • In-house or 3rd party hosted servers.
  • Security and firewalls.
  • Media data transfer bandwidth for large files.

Steps to Successful Digital Signage Deployment :-

arrowDo not fail to plan well.
arrowPut capital and operational funding in place.
arrowConsider third party advertisement revenue.
arrowGet everyone on board.
arrowUse feedback from all concerned to define meaningful and measureable objectives.
arrowPut in good team to be able to execute the plan.
arrowResearch software and hardware options.
arrowBring in professionals – specialist in each category or an integrator.
arrowDo a trial deployment.
arrowCreate a content plan.
arrowPut in an operational team.
arrowRoll out beyond trial deployment.
arrowClosely track any technical issues and resolutions.
arrowContinue to refine messaging based on measurements and feedback from customers, employees and advertisers.
arrowBuild upon advertisement revenue with integrated analytics and well-run operation.
Dynamic signage Soultions, Digital Signage
arrowBrick & Mortar 2.0
arrowUniversity & College Campus
arrowHealth Care
arrowDigital Signage Checklist
      *  Project Stages
      *  Components
      *  Deployment Steps
arrowTV as Digital Sign
arrowDigital vs Printed Poster
arrowTradeshow, Event Rental
arrowSpecifications & Brochures
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