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ESL Benefits Grocery & Drug Stores, DIY & Garden Centers

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) have been proven beneficial for multiple retail market segments. This is demonstrated by the large scale deployment of SES solution in small to large stores around the world in 50 countries, more than 6000 installations and over 1000 stores within the same brand.

Accurate, Flexible Pricing, Inventory Tracking, NFC

Electronic Shelf Labels are more than just a simple digital display and deliver multiple operational benefits:

  • Price Agility - Due to increasing competition, tech savy consumer and need for efficient inventory usage, retailers need more frequent price updates. Frequent price changes increase labor costs and are prone to errors. ESLs reduce labor costs, provide price accuracy and price flexibiity with minimal overhead.
  • Price Accuracy - Price updates are reliably synchronized to the shelf labels even in stores with 1000s of labels. Customer satisfaction is improved with reduced price checks, lineups are shorter with side benefit of reduced labor costs.
  • Inventory Management - S-tag and G-tag have large display area which can be programmed to display inventory level, order status, restocking information at the shelf edge. This increased inventory management with properly stocked shelves allow for lower stock levels and improved customer experience.
  • NFC-tag for Smartphones - Consumers expect more than just a price label on the shelf and having a Smartphone enabled Shelf Label is a tool which can greatly build customer loyalty. NFC (Near Field Communication) allows consumer to get additional product info, receipts, nutrition details, health warnings and special offers just by bringing the phone close to the tag. Consumers can also have pre-selected shopping lists and do self checkout.
  • ROI up to 1% of Sales - ESLs have been proven to deliver significant cost savings along with a modern store image and higher customer satisfaction. Cost saving are delivered via the reduced labor paper and print costs, reduced pricing errors and improved profit optimzation.

Grocery Stores, DIY Centers, Drug Stores, Garden Centers and Speciality Stores all face similar issues which can be addressed with the SES ESL solution:

  • Price Wars - Automated, real time price change.
  • Inventory Management - Stock, inventory, order status at the shelf edge.
  • Perishable or Overstocked Goods - Flexible, easy response to clear out goods.
  • High Cost, tedius, laborious task of paper label updates - Automated system, no manual intervention required.
  • Customer Complaints on price errors - Price accuracy between Shelf Label and the POS systems.
  • Shelf Appeal - Attractive, branded, modern, clean look.
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