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Indoor & Outdoor Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

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Dynamic Digital Signage is poised to play a big role in restaurants at all levels, from cafe, fast food outlets and speciality restaurants to upscale establishments. Along with displaying eye-catching images and specials, Digital Menu Boards can deliver added value in conveying nutritional information in a flexible manner which is not possible in current back lit or print signage menu boards.

Free Scheduling Software for Time Of Day Messages - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Local USB Media Upload - NO Monthly Fee.

New legal requirements to display Calorie Count on Menu - Upload new image.

Networked Update, Manage Multiple Screens from anywhere - Low Monthly Fee.

We can work with you to deliver following key Benefits of Digital Menu Boards at your premises :-

  • Commercial grade digital screens with metal chassis, suitable for hotter restaurant environment.
  • Easy to clean glass front.
  • Built-in USB player for quick, stand-alone deployment.
  • Provide nutritional information as positive marketing and valuable customer information; i.e. knowing sugar content is very helpful to anyone with diabetes and would show the establishment in a positive light.
  • Networked Media players to control multiple locations and streamline messages.
  • Motion graphics to capture attention and upsell on the spot.
  • Beautiful wall mount portrait displays to convey subtle products messages in an elegant manner.
  • Use the visuals to build brand identity, indulge, entice and increase sales with images suited to the environment.
  • Time of day software control to utilize same display panel for breakfast, lunch and dinner specials.

As specialist focussed on building dynamic signage solutions, we are ready to assist in your project, be it a single café, restaurant chain or an exclusive spot. We encourage you to use our Dynamic Digital Signage Checklist to start a new project or monitor an existing one.

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