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Pay As You Go Digital Signage

pay as you go digital signage menu boards

Digital signage projects can be difficult to scope, budget, maintain and operate, so we have put together a program to allow our qualified customers to enjoy the benefits of digital signage with fixed cost financial and no headache business side advantages like :-

  • Full project planning service to plan, identify and outline costs, benefits, resources, equipment, content and maintenance.
  • Limited or no up-front capital costs for deployment.
  • Service for network design, digital sign size selection, optimal digital sign location selection, mount selection and design, physical installation and power, connectivity and operational bring up.
  • Full service support plan for content, training and on-site equipment repair or replacement.
  • Scheduled hardware upgrades.
  • Software functionality upgrades.
  • Defined, fixed costs overtime.

Contact our sales team to discuss this program in detail and see if your organization would qualify for these great benefits. We will make sure that your digital signage project is a success.

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