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Dynamic Signage Solutions
Digital Signage Hardware Screens
Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants
Video Walls Retail Super Narrow Bezel
Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks for Malls Hotels Retail Banking University
Digital Sign Software Linux Cloud WiFi
Animation MPEG Movies JPEG Images
Digital Sign Screen Wall Ceiling Mount Store Front Easle Stands Video Wall Mobile Carts
Dynascan 360 degree Video LED Displays
Outdoor Digital Signage Displays Weaterproof
Digital Sign Networking Cables Connectors
City Digital, based in Vancouver, BC, is a full service dynamic digital signage solution provider. Our products and services include commercial grade digital signage screens, cloud digital sign management software, interactive touch kiosks, digital menu boards, digital posters, wireless media players, electronic labels for retail and marketing content creation via images or motion videos.


Industry Associations :-

Board of trade vancouver Adverising association BC Hotel association  



Dynamic Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage
Gallery & Content
Electronic Shelf
Label (ESL)
& Brochures
Brick & Mortar 2.0
Health Care
Digital Signage Check List
TV as Digital Sign
Digital vs Print Poster
Marketing & Ad Screens
Free Standing Posters
Video Walls
Interactive Touch Kiosks
Ultra Bright Screens
360 Degree Displays
Outdoor Signage Displays
Digital Media Players
Device Connectivty
Signage Screen Mounts
All In One Signage
Networked Sign Management
Dynamic Signage Applications
Audience Measurement
Interactive Kiosks
Media Library
Promo Videos
Retail Applications
ESL Tag Videos
Product Brochure
Touch Screens
Slimline Marketing LCD
Classic Marketing LCD
Digital Brochure Stand
Free Standing Displays
Video Walls
Ultra Bright LCDs
Outdoor Digital Poster
360 Displays
User Manuals
One Stop Digital Signage
Pay As You Go Signage
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