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University And College Campus Dynamic Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage can serve as an excellent, modern medium to communicate information for faculty, staff and students plus there are significant opportunities to capitalize on 3rd party Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertisement potential in a higher education campus environment.

Here are few reasons to consider digital signage networks for educational campus :-

  • Notifications on events, schedules and important dates linked to existing databases.
  • Safety and Emergency messages on mass scale.
  • Integrate interactive way finders.
  • Modern appearance and easier to connect with tech savvy generation.
  • Broadcast campus sports, TV channels, news in a localized environment.
  • Build campus brand and increase sales of merchandise.
  • Save print costs, time saving for print updates and show environmental leadership.

One of the main concerns is how to fund, expand and maintain the campus digital signage network. Due to revenue shift in advertising from print to digital media, campus signage networks are in a great position to tap into local or national DOOH advertising budgets. Campus digital signage networks deliver few key advantages to an advertiser :-

  • Due to rapid technology developments with digital PVRs, on-line media availability and mobile devices, it has become difficult to reach younger generations.
  • University and college students are big consumers and influencers of buying decisions.
  • Campus digital networks are an ideal way to reach this key population segment and build brand identity.

Please check out our Digital Signage Checklist and contact us to see how we can help in building or expanding a cost effective dynamic digital signage network for your college or university campus and find revenue streams from DOOH advertisers.

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