Hotel Dynamic Digital Signage

Wayfinding, Communicate, Brand, Market

Benefits of easy to update Communication Medium

  • Digital Signage can help enhance the environment and experience of hotel guests by giving them easy access to information, improve the check in process, notify of facility services, restaurants
  • Guests can benefit from easily accessible information on touch kiosks on how to get around, finding facilities, learn about local area events
  • Dynamic event notification about meeting rooms and times will not only be great for guests by reducing wait times but will also have cost benefits
  • Networked all displays and centralized content update to lower costs, create instant specials

Product Suggestions

  • Flexible placement floor standing displays for hotel entrance, lobby areas
  • Meeting room, event information¬†
  • Wayfinding touch kiosks
  • Sleek, modern looking displays that enhance hospitality environment
  • Easy to clean
  • Same network management portal for all screens
  • Built for 24/7 use with Commercial grade LCD panel and components
  • Power timers
  • No external buttons
Floor Standing