Full Range of Digital Signage Products

City Digital, based in Vancouver, BC, is a full service dynamic digital signage solution provider. Our products and services include commercial grade digital signage screens, cloud digital sign management software, interactive touch kiosks, digital menu boards, digital posters, wireless media players, electronic labels for retail and marketing content creation via images or motion videos. 

Commercial Grade, Purpose Built, Indoor & Outdoor Displays, Touch Screens

Advertising Displays
Freestanding Posters
Touch Screens
High Brightness Screens
Video Walls
Outdoor Displays
Hanging Window Display
Digital Menu Boards
Point Of Sale Displays
Media Players
Battery Powered Signs


Digital Sign or Dynamic Signage is a common reference to use of a HD video display such as LCD, Plasma or LED, connected to a media player for the purpose of engaging, informing or influencing target audiences. Digital signs are more than just a replacement for the printed signage and can be more effective than broadcast messages on TV. Dynamic signage gives you the power to tailor the what, when, where and how of message delivery, which combined with audience interactivity and measurement of response becomes more than just a digital screen and a computer. It is the convergence of display technologies, network computing, software applications, media content, user response measurement analytics and user interactivity via touch, gesture or mobile device. 

Signage Solutions for Variety of Industries

Retail Stores
Health Care

Benefits of Multi-Purpose, Focused Medium

  • Visual moving images are easily remembered and recalled
  • Proven sales lift with effective, timely messages
  • Engage audience on your own premises
  • Inject energy and liveliness to enhance ambiance
  • Improve brand awareness.
    Communicate corporate messages and policies in multiple locations, multiple times
  • Efficient and modern information flow across educational campus
  • Centralized management of signs across multiple locations
  • Enhanced services with Interactive Kiosks
  • Simple, easy to update, fix mistakes.
    Save $ on printing costs and reduce waste
  • Save $ on shipping, updating and maintaining printed boards
  • Proven Return on Investment (ROI).
    Measure effectiveness using advanced analytics.

Delivered by City Digital

  • One Stop Solution
  • Cost Effective, Hassle Free
    Latest, proven, leading edge, not bleeding edge technologies
  • Complete solution from planning, project management, hardware, software, content, maintenance and on-going support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple, easy to update and fix mistakes
  • Strong partnerships with industry leading suppliers
  • No finger pointing among multiple suppliers
  • Match the solution to what you need, in many cases, simple works best