Health Care Dynamic Signage

Emergency Alerts, Communicate, Educate, Information, Wayfinding

Benefits of easy to update Communication Medium

  • Improve health care delivery, efficiency and perception by visual and dynamic communication among patients, doctors, nurses and staff
  • Build an integrated network with data feeds from multiple existing sources. Simultaneous, multiple output screens with multiple segments per screen.
  • Integrate touch capability kiosks to provide directional way finders, lab locations, hours and other relevant information.
  • Improved and consistent policy communication across multiple facilities spread over geographical areas.
  • Customized applications to reduce costs in kitchen facilities at hospitals and senior care facilities by taking patient feedback into consideration for menu creation to avoid waste and improve satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction in print and delivery plus significant time savings.
  • Generate new revenue by tapping into 3rd party advertisement marketers by giving them access to attentive, targeted audience to promote health care related products and services.

Product Suggestions

  • Great for Wayfinding Applications as integrated PC, with Windows and Android OS allows for maximum versatility and integration into kiosks
  • Modern look yet easy to clean tempered glass
  • Multiple users can interact with the screen at same time with 10 touch points
  • Easy to use Touch CMS to create custom layouts, update flows as needed and easily push updates to all screens
  • Built for 24/7 use with Commercial grade LCD panel and components, expected lifespan of 70,000 hours