Networked Digital Sign Management – External Media Player

Networked Digital Sign Management – External Media Player


We provide small form factor, wired and WiFi, signage players which come pre-loaded with digital content management client software and can be centrally managed over the network cloud. Our solutions provide the following benefits :-

  1. Networked, central, cloud based management of multiple digital signs at multiple locations.
  2. Flexible screen segments to allow for multiple zones on the screens.
  3. Each screen zone has individual control over media.
  4. Easy to create and schedule playlists.
  5. Integrate RSS feeds, weather and stock tickers on any screen flow.
  6. Integrate internet based media feeds or use regular TV signal.
  7. Interactive zones with separate flows for user driven navigation.
  8. Emergency alerts for mass notifications in campus or corporate environment.
  9. User access control to allow updates of content in specific screen zones but no access to change screen layouts to avoid mistakes.
  10. Robust and powerful player hardware.
  11. Secure and reliable Linux operating system.
  12. On-line, networked storage.
  13. Integration with backend databases to push content to digital signs.
  14. Reasonable media player hardware cost.
  15. Reasonable monthly software license fees which cover on-line digital sign management, access to new software features and media storage.

We can help you design, deploy, manage and maintain digital signage network located across multiple locations. We are confident that our solution will provide the security, convenience, ease of use, reliability and functionality that you need and do it in a cost effective manner.

Please call us for a no obligation quote and trial to see our solutions in action and compare with competitors.