Any digital signage deployment has to be justified on the Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Objectives (ROO). Outside of subjective positive influences of the digital sign in terms of energy, ambiance, look & feel, how do we get an objective measure of the investment value?

Audience response can be measured via place based surveys, which can be time consuming and costly, or use technology integrated into the digital sign. Video face detection software advances have made it possible to measure the viewer engagement on key criteria of Viewer Presence, Viewer Notice and Viewer Dwell Time. Viewer Presence measures how many people are in proximity of the digital sign, Viewer Notice would measure how many people actually noticed the display and Viewer Dwell Time would measure how much time was spent in the area around the digital sign. These measurements can be done using webcam and Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) software running on the media player. Software detects faces and only collects statistics but does not record any actual pictures, so there are no privacy concerns.

AVA technology can be used to fine tune the digital sign placements, screen layout and messaging to maximize the return on investment dollars. We would be happy to discuss how to implement such technology into your digital signs.


The end goal of eye-catching displays, images and networked connectivity is to deliver useful, relevant, meaningful and interesting content for the end user to provide information, build brand, close a sale, get user input, drive traffic to website and connect with social media.

At City Digital, we provide customized digital signage applications to address specific needs in following areas :-


  1. Retail Touch Kiosks with customer specific screens flows; typical usage as store directory with daily or weekly specials, flyer catalogues, bakery catalogues, product specification details, user how to for a specific product.
  2. Interactive Wayfinder integrated into digital signs; typical usage as mall, store, hotel or campus directional assistance.
  3. Digital Information Boards with backend database integration; typical usage as building directory, donor list display and meeting room display to show room bookings.
  4. Virtual Concierge in hospitality environments to provide guests with mapping, attractions, facilities, events and restaurant menus.
  5. Senior Center Virtual Assistant to gather user feedback on services, weekly menus to improve customer satisfaction and reduce food waste; this kiosk will basically fund itself with savings.


Integrated Networked Digital Sign

All-In-One Internet Cloud Based Digital Sign – Market Leading Solution, Best for Multiple Screens, Multiple Locations

Our NEW lineup of Slimline Displays offer a unique all-in-one digital sign. These attractive, commercial grade displays come with an intergrated media player and built-in networking to offer exceptional benefits :-
One Piece of Hardware, One Supplier, Plug & Play
  1. Integrated Media Player with Wired, WiFi or Cellular Networking.
  2. No extra hardware, just plug in power.
  3. Slim, attractive, buttonless, LED backlit screens with tempered glass front.
  4. Sharp, bright, vibrant images with low power usage.
  5. Cloud Based Digital Signage CMS Software.
  6. One vendor to deal with for software and hardware.
  7. Full Digital Sign Features to split screen, upload & schedule media, playlists, RSS Feeds.
  8. Easy to use software.
  9. Manage multiple screens, multiple locations, multiple segments from anywhere.
  10. Low Cost Monthly Management Fee.
  11. No extra IT costs to manage software or servers.
  12. No dedicated computers or scheduling software upgrades. Screens will update automatically when needed.
  13. Low Cost of Total Ownership with lower upfront cost, low maintenance and low overhead.
  14. Simple and easy installation.
  15. Clean, attractive look with no mess of wires or player boxes.
  16. Available in Wall Mount or Standalone Models.
  17. Screen Size: 19″, 22″, 32″, 42″, 46″ and 55″.

This lineup of integrated displays are a great solution for small offices, retail outlets, restaurants, multiple franchise locations, schools, corporate offices and health care. We will assist with design, deployment and management of your digital signs. This is a great turnkey solution which can be deployed easily for new installions and with minimal disruption as replacement for existing TVs.

Please call us for a no obligation quote and trial to see our solutions in action and compare with competitors.

Networked Digital Sign Management – External Media Player

Networked Digital Sign Management – External Media Player


We provide small form factor, wired and WiFi, signage players which come pre-loaded with digital content management client software and can be centrally managed over the network cloud. Our solutions provide the following benefits :-

  1. Networked, central, cloud based management of multiple digital signs at multiple locations.
  2. Flexible screen segments to allow for multiple zones on the screens.
  3. Each screen zone has individual control over media.
  4. Easy to create and schedule playlists.
  5. Integrate RSS feeds, weather and stock tickers on any screen flow.
  6. Integrate internet based media feeds or use regular TV signal.
  7. Interactive zones with separate flows for user driven navigation.
  8. Emergency alerts for mass notifications in campus or corporate environment.
  9. User access control to allow updates of content in specific screen zones but no access to change screen layouts to avoid mistakes.
  10. Robust and powerful player hardware.
  11. Secure and reliable Linux operating system.
  12. On-line, networked storage.
  13. Integration with backend databases to push content to digital signs.
  14. Reasonable media player hardware cost.
  15. Reasonable monthly software license fees which cover on-line digital sign management, access to new software features and media storage.

We can help you design, deploy, manage and maintain digital signage network located across multiple locations. We are confident that our solution will provide the security, convenience, ease of use, reliability and functionality that you need and do it in a cost effective manner.

Please call us for a no obligation quote and trial to see our solutions in action and compare with competitors.

All in-one Digital Sign – USB Update, Simple, No Monthly Fees

All-In-One Digital Sign – USB Update, Simplest, Lowest Cost

At City Digital, our standalone and wall mount digital displays are designed with built-in media player to allow for a quick and easy deployment of digital signs. This solution delivers the following key advantages:-

  1. Cost savings with integrated player.
  2. No software setup or license fees, plug-n-play approach.
  3. Ease of use with simple images and motion movie upload via USB.
  4. No special skills or training required to operate.
  5. Timers to control on/off schedule based on business hours.
  6. FREE scheduling software.
  7. Time of day control of media, i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner specials on same digital menu board.
  8. Simplest and quickest way to replace print posters and print menus.

This solution works really well as digital posters in retails stores and as digital menu boards in quick service restaurants.

Please call us for a no obligation quote and trial to see our solutions in action and compare with competitors.



Digital sign content is what gets the attention but it is the software, behind the scenes, which delivers the media, in a desired layout and at given time to the screen. There are 3 distinct methods to control a digital sign: all-in-one digital sign with integrated USB player, all-in-one digital sign with integrated networked player or digital sign with an external networked media player.

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Digital Screen Mounts

At City Digital, we carry high quality digital screens mounts for all types of digital sign installations. Contact us for
  1. Universal Wall mounts from 32 to 70 Inch screens.
  2. Restaurant Digital Menu Board rails for multiple screens.
  3. Video Wall Mounts.
  4. Multi Screen Ceiling Mounts.
  5. Rotational Mounts.
  6. Mobile carts and stands for single or multiple screens.
  7. Mobile Video Wall Cart for 2×2 or 3×3 configuration.

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Digital Sign Connectivity


Digital signage deployments can be spread across a large department store, hardware store or malls, where multiple screens, video signals and control signals need to be carried over longer distance and split to multiple locations. At City Digital, we carry industry leading products in the following areas to satisfy any digital signage network deployment:

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