Any digital signage deployment has to be justified on the Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Objectives (ROO). Outside of subjective positive influences of the digital sign in terms of energy, ambiance, look & feel, how do we get an objective measure of the investment value?

Audience response can be measured via place based surveys, which can be time consuming and costly, or use technology integrated into the digital sign. Video face detection software advances have made it possible to measure the viewer engagement on key criteria of Viewer Presence, Viewer Notice and Viewer Dwell Time. Viewer Presence measures how many people are in proximity of the digital sign, Viewer Notice would measure how many people actually noticed the display and Viewer Dwell Time would measure how much time was spent in the area around the digital sign. These measurements can be done using webcam and Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) software running on the media player. Software detects faces and only collects statistics but does not record any actual pictures, so there are no privacy concerns.

AVA technology can be used to fine tune the digital sign placements, screen layout and messaging to maximize the return on investment dollars. We would be happy to discuss how to implement such technology into your digital signs.