Digital Screen Mounts

At City Digital, we carry high quality digital screens mounts for all types of digital sign installations. Contact us for
  1. Universal Wall mounts from 32 to 70 Inch screens.
  2. Restaurant Digital Menu Board rails for multiple screens.
  3. Video Wall Mounts.
  4. Multi Screen Ceiling Mounts.
  5. Rotational Mounts.
  6. Mobile carts and stands for single or multiple screens.
  7. Mobile Video Wall Cart for 2×2 or 3×3 configuration.

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Digital Sign Connectivity


Digital signage deployments can be spread across a large department store, hardware store or malls, where multiple screens, video signals and control signals need to be carried over longer distance and split to multiple locations. At City Digital, we carry industry leading products in the following areas to satisfy any digital signage network deployment:

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360 Degree Video Displays


Unique, cylindrical and revolving video displays which allow viewing from all angles. LED pixel pitch of only 2 mm delivers clear, bright and high contrast images in a very eye catching manner. If you are looking to create a focal point beyond conventional 2 dimensional displays, these 360 degree displays are sure to fit the bill.

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Interactive Touch Screens

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Interactive Kiosks are an excellent digital signage solution as marketing and informational kiosks. Touch kiosks can be customized to provide user information, schedules, wayfinding directions, get user feedback, promote special items, provide product details or used as educational tool. 

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Free Standing Digital Posters – Great Replacement for Printed Posters


Standalone Digital Signage Platform designed for out-of-box deployment with no installation requirement. These units are an excellent replacement for print media posters and promotional print displays in retail stores, grocery stores, malls, hardware stores, store windows and old style brochure holders. These attractive units do get customer attention and can be placed in almost any location as a great marketing tool.  

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