The end goal of eye-catching displays, images and networked connectivity is to deliver useful, relevant, meaningful and interesting content for the end user to provide information, build brand, close a sale, get user input, drive traffic to website and connect with social media.

At City Digital, we provide customized digital signage applications to address specific needs in following areas :-


  1. Retail Touch Kiosks with customer specific screens flows; typical usage as store directory with daily or weekly specials, flyer catalogues, bakery catalogues, product specification details, user how to for a specific product.
  2. Interactive Wayfinder integrated into digital signs; typical usage as mall, store, hotel or campus directional assistance.
  3. Digital Information Boards with backend database integration; typical usage as building directory, donor list display and meeting room display to show room bookings.
  4. Virtual Concierge in hospitality environments to provide guests with mapping, attractions, facilities, events and restaurant menus.
  5. Senior Center Virtual Assistant to gather user feedback on services, weekly menus to improve customer satisfaction and reduce food waste; this kiosk will basically fund itself with savings.