Digital Signage Media Players


Digital signage screens need to stay up and running, be easy to operate, update and maintain. At City Digital, we only use hardware specifically designed for digital signage and software developed for digital signs. We provide full support to design digital sign layout, configuration and technical support.

.Checkout and compare key hardware and software features of our digital signage media players to competitors and we are confident that our solution and support will do very well in terms of functionality, reliability, security, hardware cost, software license fees and ease of use.

Software :-

  1. Secure and robust software running on secure, hardened variant of Linux operating system with roots in kiosks designed for banking industry.
  2. Linux OS has inherently proven to be reliable operating system compared to windows OS.
  3. Player won’t lock up or freeze, or show blue screen or error screens.
  4. Designed as a Plug n’ Play system which comes pre-configured with software.
  5. Internet cloud based portal to control the signage players for central management.
  6. Remote configuration and updates, no involvement required by IT staff reducing costs or need for additional computer skills.
  7. On-line storage.

Hardware :-

  1. Small foot print, solid state drive, fanless.
  2. Wired and WiFi.
  3. Multiple inputs and outputs – HDMI, USB, VGA, COM.
  4. Fast Processors.
  5. High performance Video Chipsets.