360 Degree Video Displays


Unique, cylindrical and revolving video displays which allow viewing from all angles. LED pixel pitch of only 2 mm delivers clear, bright and high contrast images in a very eye catching manner. If you are looking to create a focal point beyond conventional 2 dimensional displays, these 360 degree displays are sure to fit the bill.

 Features :-

  1. Energy Efficient and low power consumption LCD.
  2. Ultra Bright, professional grade, no blackening effect.
  3. Local dimming LED backlight technology delivers incredible contrast as high as 1,000,000:1 (dynamic).
  4. Sunlit area viewing – no image washout like standard TV.
  5. Automatic on-off timers.
  6. Narrow bezel to allow use as video walls.
  7. Fanless cooling with thermal management for quiet operation.
  8. Elegant metal chassis.

Applications :-

  1. Digital Signage marketing display in retail store outside windows.
  2. Open space, brightly lit car show rooms.
  3. Business lobbies with bright overhead lighting.
  4. Pools, recreation centers with lot of indoor lighting, windows or skylights.
  5. Shopping center hallways or entrances with lot of natural light.
  6. Attractive addition to car show rooms to display promotional movies and images.

Suitable Locations as Digital Signage Display:-

    • Department Stores
    • Car Show Rooms
    • Shopping Centers
    • Retail Stores
    • Furniture Showrooms
    • Corporate Lobby
    • Transit Stations
    • Pools
    • Recreation Centers
    • College Campus