Outdoor Digital Signage Posters & Menu Boards


Outdoor digital posters and outdoor 360 degree displays are designed for outdoor all-season weather and protected from vandalism. Digital signage displays must be able to operate in hot and cold weather, so internal heating and cooling units keep these displays operating in any weather conditions.

Interactive, Touch Outdoor Digital Poster or Menu Board: 24 to 65 Inches Digital Poster Brightness: 1500 – 5000 cd/m2 (nits)

Outdoor Digital Poster or Menu Board: 24 to 65 Inches
Digital Poster Brightness: 1500 – 5000 cd/m2 (nits)

 Features :-

  1. High brightness for viewing in sunlight.
  2. Vandalism protection shield.
  3. IP65 all weather rating for dust and water penetration protection.
  4. Built-in heating and cooling units to control temperature.
  5. Easy maintenance design.
  6. Interactive, Touch Option.

Applications :-

  1. Outdoor Restaurant Digital Menu Boards.
  2. Marketing displays at mall entrances.
  3. Informational displays in public venues.
  4. Sports Venues ambiance and energy medium.
  5. Interactive Menu or Information Board.

Suitable Locations as Outdoor Digital Signage Display :-

  • Restaurants
  • Town Centers
  • Malls
  • Public Venues
  • Sports Arenas
  • Casino
  • Campus